The experts in plastic materials processing

HPE International supports companies from the project throughout the production of plastic products,
using the latest technologies in molding and extrusion of semi-finished goods.

Thanks to the constant market analysis and latest-generation technologies, we can offer a full range of plastic and rubber processing’s. We follow every project with passion, enthusiasm and care, confident in our expertise.

Project management

Our know-how and our technical – productive competence allow us to assist you from the idea to the realization of your product.

Mold manufacturing

Thanks to our expertise and our use of the latest software, we help our customers in the study and development of tailored molds.


We offer a wide range of services for the finishing of your product, for the best quality result: welding, labeling and precision cutting.

UPPLA – upcycled plastic is the brand devolped by H.P.E. International that identifies all the items made with the highest possible content of recycled plastic, granting the same techincal performances of virgin raw materials.

A brand thought following our desire to reduce plastic waste, giving new worth to the production scraps we produce internally in our blow and injection molding and extrusion processes. A concrete contribution towards a circular economy.

Plastic extrusion: high density polyethylene and polypropylene rods

HPE International has a great experience in the extrusion field thanks to a division specialized in the manufacturing of high-density polyethylene rods (HDPE) and homopolymer polypropylene rods (PP-H), with diameters ranging from 8mm to 300mm.

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