Welding Wire – users guide

The welding wire is used for the permanent junction of components made of the same material, with the same or very similar molecular weight and density. This procedure, named polyfusion, occurs with the use of welders or extruders that bring the material to its fusion temperature, making it possible for the parts to join. Unlike

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Ultimate grey or Illuminating? Discover the new colors for 2021

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen two new shades for 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. These two colors, despite being very different and independent, create an ambitious color combination that promises to infuse hope, courage and determination, especially in this delicate historical moment.   Yellow and Grey like the sun and the rocks One is

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Plastic molding

Extrusion: what we offer and its fields of application

Strengths of our extrusion production Traceability of materials All the products are monitored from the production throughout the sale by means of a lot tracking system: a label attached on each rod that allows its identification and certification. Wide stock Thanks to the continuous process production (24/7) – with numerous extrusion lines that allow the

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