wide stock range - hdpe and pph extruded rods


In H.P.E. International we take care of the production by injection, blow molding and extrusion of plastic materials. Our stock of plastic rods is always well supplied with a wide range of products. From Ø8 mm to Ø300 mm, we extrude rods in HDPE and PPH in various standard colors such as natural, black, green, blu, yellow, red and grey in order to satisfy all our customers needs. Thanks to our 24/7 production and to our constant sales and inventory tracking, we are able to guarantee to our customers the availability of round rods in all the standard colors, even for high quantities.

An application for each color

Each color finds its application in a specific field, for example natural rods are used in the furniture industry for the making of candle holders, in playgrounds and even in the food sector for rolling pins and augers for the bottling industry.

Black rods are applied in basically every field as they are processed to be used as roller bumpers, industrial brushes, augers, tubes junctions and much more.

Blu rods are mainly used in the food industry. As blu is a non-common color to be found in nature, it can be easily detected in the case in which even a small part of a machine brakes. Thanks to its high visibility, the cleaning of the components it’s easier to grant due to the contrast between spores, molds, food remains and detergents and this particular color. Therefore, using blu rods allows to obtain a higher prevention level towards the risks of contamination of the food products.

Yellow is used mostly in the field of industrial safety. Rods are processed to obtain bumpers and safety barriers that are immediately visible to operators thanks to the bright color. These items help them to avoid the impacts on the equipment and define walkways.


In order to cope with the continuously growing demand of colored rods, we have increased our inventory of standard colors in all diameters, restocking our warehouse.

Other than our standard products, we are able to produce rods in any color with RAL, PANTONE or NCS reference, with fair minimum quantities.

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