Extrusion: what we offer and its fields of application

Strengths of our extrusion production

Traceability of materials

All the products are monitored from the production throughout the sale by means of a lot tracking system: a label attached on each rod that allows its identification and certification.

Wide stock

Thanks to the continuous process production (24/7) – with numerous extrusion lines that allow the constant supply of the warehouse – and to the 15.000 sqm plant, HPE can grant the prompt delivery of all the standard products, satisfying the needs of every customer.

Product customization

Round rods complete range goes from Ø 8mm to Ø300 mm. In HDPE the standard colors, always available in stock are: natural, black, green, blue, red and yellow. Whereas, regarding PP-H the standard colors are black, grey and natural. Furthermore, HPE can manufacture customized products with RAL, NCS or PANTONE references and affordable minimum quantities.

Food contact suitability

When required, the thermoplastic products satisfy the requirements for the direct and indirect food contact, as specified in the UE/10/2011 regulation and subsequent amendments, 1282/2011 EU as well as reg. 1935/2004 CE and 2023/2006 CE.

Fields of application

HDPE and PP-H rods find their optimal application in fields such as: mechanical industry, bottling, food packaging, medical and chemical industry, making of industrial brushes and in industrial safety. Thanks to their properties, they are ideal for the production of mechanical components such as: augers, screws conveyors, conveyor belts, tilters, guiders, bushings, washers, rollers, rings, spacers, gears, flanges and centering devices.
HDPE rods are being largely used for the making of bumpers, shockproof protectors, parking barriers, industrial barriers and even candles and other aesthetic component, playground components, rolling pins, sliding guides, filters, pumps, fittings, pipes for food liquids and many other.
PP-H rods on the other hand, thanks to their high chemical resistance, are used mainly in the galvanic, chemical and textile industry for the manufacture of control valves, discs, flanges, hubs, sleeves and tank caps.

Finally, HPE extrudes welding wire too, which is used for the permanent junction of plastic materials with same or similar molecular weight and density. Thanks to the high quality of the welding wire, you can weld galvanic tanks, picklings, extractor fans, pipes for fluid transport and scrubber towers.