Final finishing to assure the maximum quality of plastic products

We are equipped with specialized personnel for our wide range of services for the finishing of the product. The assembling of the goods takes place in our production branch where we use up-to-date technologies.

Other than welding and labeling, we perform high-precision cut thanks to anthropomorphic robots
that simulate human arm movements.

Robotic cut

We avail ourselves of 6 axes anthropomorphic robots that can reproduce human arms movements, reducing times and granting high accuracy. Our machines have an open kinematic structure with a variable number of degrees of freedom based on the model or the application to perform.

Hot air welding

Used for sealing plastic welding, it’s the ideal technique even for great dimensions parts. Makes it easy to create tridimensional, complex shapes and thin internal walls welding.

The advantages are significant: from the high quality in terms of resistance and hermetic seal, to time saving.

Product assembling

In the last years we have embodied all the assembling processes and the preparation of components kit inside our production branch in order to offer a faster and more flexible service. Having the direct control on every phase, we can grant major precision and accuracy.


We use different techniques for the labeling of plastic containers. The hot embossing process is an alternative to the silkscreen printing and tampon printing and it offers numerous advantages: it’s ecological, low cost and with a small incidence of flaws. Furthermore, it allows to print high-resolution images. Thanks to our automatic labeling line, we can apply auto adhesive labels from spools with a maximum diameter of 280 mm.

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