hdpe red rods

Flexibility and availability for your projects

HPE International extrudes semifinished round and hollow rods in HDPE and PP-H.

Our 24/7 production and our accurate tracking of our stock rotation enables us to support our customers offering a large variety of ready-to-ship products. This is the reason why, thanks to our production volume, we can assist our customers even in their requests for non-standard lengths, diameter and colors.


Different colors for various applications

We offer custom-made solutions and products that follow the needs of our customers by extruding tailor-made manufacts for all and every demand. We collaborate with qualified masterbatches producers, equipped with modern colorimetric laboratories, that help us grant the optimal pigment yield. Basing on a RAL, Pantone or NCS reference, we are able to supply any desired color.

We fulfill all the international regulations in terms of non-toxicity, absence of heavy metals, absence of primary aromatic amines and no migration for a certified and qualitatively safe product.


We optimize your production processes

We can extrude rods to the desired lengths creating a saving in terms of costs, space and scraps disposal. As an example, a standard-length rod (L2000 mm) may not be the best solution for an application that requires a 700 mm rod. Another necessity could be producing a different diameter from the standard calibers in order to reduce the amount of chips generated by the companies that work the rods and therefore reduce the timings and the costs of the finish product.

We are characterized by flexibility and availability that make it possible to handle new projects and diverse exigences.

Lead time and delivery

Thanks to our operational software we are capable of giving to our customers accurate supply and production timings. Furthermore, we track all our productions by means of an adhesive label affixed on each rod. Our commitment is to produce quality semi-finished rods and to provide a constant assistance from the offer throughout the sale, supporting all our customers requirements.

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