Why discard what can still be used?

The plastic revolution

Nowadays plastic can be found in every aspect of our lives and it is widely used in mostly all the applications as it offers practical, useful and economically advantageous solutions. Even trying to imagine a world without plastic seems absurd but luckily, with some tips it is not necessary.

A report published by the World Economic Forum states that, instead of decreasing, the production of plastic is expected to duplicate within the next 20 years.

UPPLA is a project that aims to give, or to better say to re-give dignity to plastic. It seeks to re-use plastic scraps transforming them into new products in addition to finding alternative solutions for pieces which are usually rejected due to aesthetic imperfections, provided that the function for which they are required is not compromised.

UPPLA intends to supply suitable quality products, satisfying the customers requirements at a proper price.  Why discard what can still be used?

From the idea to the implementation

In compliance with our environmental policy, we constantly look for concrete solutions towards a circular economy that aims to make a difference in reducing the quantity of plastic waste that could end up polluting the world. Our every day commitment is to find different options that can be practical, with low energetic impacts and low CO₂ emissions.

As a matter of fact, productions that do not generate scraps do not exist. Discards are unavoidable due to machines starts, items production changes and color changes. Why then, instead of undertaking material’s regeneration processes (that use energetic resources), don’t we use these products for applications which do not require aesthetic appeal? Our project starts from here: UPPLA’s ambition is to create a market in which items that do not have a perfect appearance but that are technically functioning can find place, improving production efficiency and lowering costs and wastes.

Not only recycled plastic

Our effort in valuing every production from its beginning is what distinguishes us from other already consolidated environmental policies based exclusively on working production scraps to obtain new products. Our ambitious project consists in using the most pieces possible whose only flaw is an imperfect surface and to mill and reuse for new productions only the items which have quality issues. This is the reason why we have conceived UPPLA – upcycled plastic, to give a 360-degree dignity to plastic.

With the purpose of undertaking choices that protect the environment as well as being practical and intelligent, we thought of a way in which we can reuse almost entirely everything that is being produced in our injection molding, extrusion and blow molding departments. Items that we already produce such as flanges, industrial brushes, outdoor components and many others usually require high levels of technical, physical and mechanical qualities, all of which are granted by our production.

The clever choice

Looking to the future of our planet and trying to preserve it at the best of our abilities, we believe that finding intelligent solutions to avoid wastes and reduce our environmental impact is imperative. Conscious that not all the production scraps can be used, we believe that preferring functionality against appearance when possible is a great step forward and a cultural revolution.

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