UPPLA, the new green brand signed H.P.E. International

As part of the commitment to find new solutions that concretely support the transition from a linear economy towards a circular economy, H.P.E. International introduces its new brand: UPPLA – upcycled plastic.

UPPLA is the brand that identifies all the items we produce with the highest possible content of recycled plastic, granting the same technical performances of virgin raw materials thanks to the high quality of the products.

The recycling process leads to several advantages:

  • Diminish the use of non-renewable fossil fuels;
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  • Limit emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide

The UPPLA product range represent our will in making the difference in reducing the amount of plastic waste that could end up in the environment. In particular the solution we have chosen leads to a dissipation of raw materials lower than 1%.

The brand has been developed following our desire to give new worth to such called “production scraps”. To do so, our multiannual experience in the transformation of plastic and the studies of data coming from reliable sources have been fundamental.

A process, the one identified by UPPLA, which will be applied to both extrusion and injection molding and blow molding within our production plants.

Other than our standard rods always available in our stock in a wide range of colors and diameters, the UPPLA process will involve an extrusion line dedicated to the production of black and grey rods in HDPE and PPH made with plastic coming from processing waste.

In injection and blow molding we will dedicate entire production campaigns to the UPPLA process for the manufacturing of items made with plastic derived from production scraps, mostly made in PP but also in PA, PE, POM, ABS and many others, mainly in black, but not exclusively.

UPPLA offers a multitude of solutions. STAY TUNED!

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